Sunday, August 27, 2006

Vacation, All I Ever Wanted. Vacation, Had to Get Away.

First of all, I always thought the lyrics to Vacation were Vacation, Happy to get away.

But anyway, we're back from our week in North Carolina. It was awesome. Every vacation I ever go on is a golfing vacation or a vacation with Kym's family. I never have anyone to play with on the beach. I basically skimboard for an hour then I'm bored for the rest of the day. We went with 3 other couples and it was awesome to throw a football, toss a frisbee, play Muckers, and to bring a tennis ball into the ocean and invent a game that involves throwing the ball as hard as you can at the other guy to see who can stop it the most. And with all my family vacations, tivo was the nightly entertainment. With friends it was booze and lots of it. I've been going through withdrawl all day. The shakes are coming on strong now.

While it was a great vacation, the best day of all was yesterday, on Titso and I's one year anniversary. We woke up at 3am and got to driving. After missing a turn and losing 45 minutes, we were back on track and home by 1:15pm. 9 glourious hours of driving. Such a great anniversary, right?!? But, for real, the best thing of the past ten days was as we were giving Kenslee a bath to go out to a nice dinner. While in NC, she became a different baby. She actually took naps during the day, but she is now no longer sleeping through the night. Where she used to looove the bath, now she screamed bloody murder. We were scared she'd continue to hate the bath at home. When she got in last night she was a little hesitant, so Kym decided to try out so bath toys for the first time ever. This resulted in Kenslee's first ever laugh out loud (while awake). It melted our hearts. Kym ran to get the video camera and we caught the last few laughs on tape. I put a bootleg copy of it on the baby blog.

take note of kens' onsie. It says "Made in Italy". It's the fisrt thing I ever got for her. I had it made when we found out kym got pregnant in italy on our honeymoon.

So, I'm back, and tomorrow I work from home, alone with Kenslee for the first time. If I log on to ask for someone to come kill me, please, track me down and mercy kill me.


❉ pixie ❉ said...

At first I thought the "someone to play at the beach with" was Kenslee, then I wondered if she came with you guys and how it was to be without your baby for so long.

That onesie is too cute (where did you get it?) and Kym looks fabulous! Happy belated anniversary to you both.

Oh great One said...

I'm glad you had such a great time. I'm sure Kenslee will change her likes and dislikes many many more times.

Leezer said...

Babies are like golf swings - just when you think it's working something mysteriously changes and it doesn't work any more. You just have to remain flexible. Kenslee is getting cuter and cuter!

The Other Half said...

i'll help kill you if you'd like...

and nice rack!!

jootastic said...

congratulations...where's the starburst porn?

Think Frustrated said...

The picture of you and the Wee Bairn looks like a fake background. Tell the truth. You really just bought a Photoshop and just made some shit up.

Tim's So Called Vacation
He's so full of shit,
Inventing vacation tales.
It's just photoshop.

The first laugh is great. Wait until the first "Da Da," and then she get's hooked on Dora the Explorer and all she says is "D-D-D-Dora" because they stutter in the theme song. My daughter is going to get a speech impediment thanks to Nick Jr.

Conti said...

Your baby has an enjoyable feeding station.

Softball Slut said...

Wow your wife is tiny but her boobs are HUGE!!

And your baby is just too precious. I like the little hat

Beebers said...

holy crap - i'm not into babies, but she is one cute little bugger!

i hope my tim does something as romantic for me on our anniversary as driving around for 9 hours and getting lost. kym is so lucky!

queen of pink said...

Kenslee is so freaking adorable!! Great pics, I wish we had another vacation coming soon. But alas, we don't.

Hope you survived the day with the baby, or better yet, hope SHE survived. ;) Kidding, I'm sure it was great!