Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Passin Me By

I always fuck up passer-by conversations. You know, when you’re walking down the hall and instead of the normal fake smile/head nod, someone actually speaks? Well, I always give the wrong answer. I panic trying to remember their name when they actually speak to me. If I actually get that right, then I’ll fuck up whatever question they asked me. Examples:

Bob: “Hey Tim”
Tim: “Hey Bob” (yes!)
Bob: “What’s happening?”
Tim : “Good, how are you?” (dammit!)

Joe: “Hey Tim.”
Tim: “Hey Joe.” (sweet!)
Joe: “How you doing?”
Tim: “Not much.” (I’m retarded!)

Rhonda: “Hey Tim.”
Tim: “Hey Beth” (oh crap…)
Rhonda: “What’s going on?”
Tim: “Titties.” (mmm, titties..)

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