Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I can't believe I'm writing a post about Oprah

So, who else watched Oprah’s Favorite Things yesterday? I wish I didn’t. If I were in that crowd I’d have rioted and maimed Oprah. Then I’d have gone after Dr. Phil. Last year’s guests all got a new car. This year’s guests get a stinkin laptop. I think there’s a slight $20,000 difference here Oprah! Last year’s guests simply needed new cars. This years guests helped in a national disater. Last year’s guests: free blowjobs. This year’s guests: handjobs with no lube. Fuckin Oprah.

Here's a real picture of someone from the show, reacting to the bullshit Oprah pulled.

"popcorn? uggs? Oatmeal cookies? Where's my car bitch?!?"


RitMeyer said...

My mom's best friend was on Oprah's favorite things last year (the one for teachers) She got so much cool stuff, it was ridiculous. I would have punched that bitch in the kidneys if I was on this year. PUNCH! Maybe the TMJ superheros should do something.

Tim said...

well, according to babyjewels, the main cause of TMJ is... well, you know. And I think I'm the only TMJ superhero that can handle the situation effectively.

RitMeyer said...

Fine, don't be a team player then. What, do you think I am not deadly in my TMJ powers?

BabyJewels has it out for you, I don't know why. She isn't even a TMJ superhero.

Tim said...

if you think you can get Oprah to give you a hummer, go fot it.