Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I'm not a dad, not yet an uncle

My brother and his wife just left the house for her to be induced. So, I’m going to be an uncle today. Or tomorrow if it doesn’t go too well. While I’m happy about all that, what I’m really hoping for is a long, drawn out labor that goes into tomorrow. While this points to me being a cruel brother in law, the real reason: I’m anti social.

Sunday morning our next-door neighbor knocked on our door and invited Titso and I over for some coffee. We were barely awake or dressed so we took down their number. Titso called and arranged for us to get together tomorrow night. Titso is friendly and can, and will, talk to anyone. Me, not so much. The neighbors seem like very nice and friendly people, but I don’t get along with new people. Especially people that seem to be my polar opposite. I like football, he likes salsa dancing. That right there is enough to make me fake sick. I’m fairly certain we have zero in common and I’m dreading it. He probably doesn’t even like boobs.

So, here’s to hoping for a 24 hour labor that will mean I have to go visit them tomorrow after work and cancel our neighborly play date.


RitMeyer said...

HE likes Salsa dancing. Yeah, your SS better watch out.

I am like Titso, I will talk to anyone. That being said, Skywalker is like you. He has totally fakee sick, so just do it. I find his various alements quite amuzing.

RitMeyer said...

I is a goad speler

Tim said...

alements... is that like a minty flavored beer?