Monday, November 21, 2005


I was reading this blog this morning. Armaedes talks about how no matter what he seems to do, his girlfriend doesn’t think they spend enough “quality time” together. Which got me thinking about how lucky I am to be married to Titso.

Titso’s been having sinus sicknesses for the past week and went out shopping yesterday while I painfully watched the Eagles suck. She got home and was practically dead as she climbed into bed. I waited until halftime then went and got into bed with her. Asked her if she needed anything, rubbed her arms and head for about 3 minutes, then asked her if she minded if I went to a bar to play poker. She told me to go. So I left her home alone and sick. After poker I picked up a humidifier, and dinner. I made soup and grilled cheeses for dinner. I cleaned up all by myself too. I’m like the best boyfriend/husband ever! She was still thanking me this morning for taking care of her.

So, in conclusion, my wife thanked me for going to play poker while she was home sick.


She's home sick today. I just realized she
has been totally faking sickness for the past week just so she could stay home today and watch Oprah's Favorite Things.


RitMeyer said...

She is brilliant. Why can't I think of shit like that?!

Ah, the QT bitching. Even I know that is annoying and I have a vagina.

Tim said...

she's still claiming she's sick, but I know better.

F QT. Titso and I work together, so we're together 24/7, so my QT is time alone.

RitMeyer said...

Wow, you guys work together. No shit your QT is alone. Luke and I worked together for almost two years very early on in our relationship, QT definately alone time.