Monday, January 16, 2006

1st loser

I promise to write something more entertaining later today (or tomorrow, or Wednesday or Thursday), but for now I will talk about poker. I played yesterday and took 2nd out of 81 players. While that is good, I was chip leader going into heads up (about 4500 to 3600) and I should have won. Blinds were 400-800 by that point so after losing 2800 in the first 3 hands I was a big underdog. The company that runs all the local games in the area announced they’re giving away a free seat to the WSOP main event next year. An $11,000 prize package for playing free poker. Pretty sweet. I need to get better. Unfortunately the Quarterly Tournament of Champions event I qualified for this weekend, I can not attend because I’m going to Florida. (anyone live near Naples?) So, I will not be able to win a free trip to Vegas with private lessons from Scott Fishman. Oh well. I’ll just save up my luck and skills and take home the WSOP. Sorry for the boring poker post.

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