Monday, January 16, 2006

Wild and Crazy Bachelor

Because of fellow bloggers talking about last week's Bachelor, I figured I'd watch it this week. Here's my analysis of the remaining ladies.

Tara - "Hello. My is Tara. I'm crazy. I already have a rose, but I'm going to stalk the bachelor and try to ruin some other girl's birthday. Did I mention I'm crazy?"

Jehan - Jihad is crazy. She was named after a holy war. Nothing spells Crazy like J-E-H-A-N.

Jennifer - I'm not sure I even remember Jennifer being on the show. The only thing I remember about her was that she was crazy.

Sarah - "Helllo, I'mb Sarah. I've been drunking a lot tonight. Pleeze make out widt me? Pleeease kizz me! I'm craaazy!"

Sarah - The only reason anyone remembers Sarah is because she's from the same town as the bachelor. What town you ask? Crazytown.

Moana - I swear they were calling this girl Milania. She's got the "I'm not really interested" act down pat. What I see is "Maybe if I act disinterested, he won't think I'm crazy. But I am."

Shiloh - Again, not too sure this girl was even on the show. Call me crazy, but I swear she was just a camerman that he gave a rose to. (I also think this girl looks just like Filan.)


I forgot about this girl...

Susan - I don't know how I forgot about this girl because she's crazy. Crazy hot. She's going to win because she'd the hottest.

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