Thursday, January 26, 2006

I'm only posting because TinaPoPo complained

Yesterday I met with our Activities Committee to discuss the Charity Hold Em tournament. We decided it would be run in March over a few day’s lunches. It’s going to be $20/person with a yet-to-be-determined ‘nominal’ prize for the winner. The Committee fears giving out anything good because it would look like it’s condoning gambling… which it’s not. They were talking about a trophy, which might be funny to have. I suggested a good free prize would be giving the winner the premium Employee of the Month parking spot. I hope they step up and get something worthwhile, but we’ll see. BUT, it doesn’t seem to matter to people because 28 people already replied to an initial email yesterday saying they’d be in regardless of a prize. With the company matching 100% of all charitable donations, I will be raising around $1200 for the charity of the winner’s choice based on the first response. Go me!

I just peed. I shook and shook, but as soon as I zipped up I felt wetness all the way down on my shins. I don’t know how that happened. Maybe because that’s where my penis ends…


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