Wednesday, January 11, 2006

If you hate poker and giving money to charity then don't read this

A few weeks ago our building’s Activity Team sent out a survey asking people which of the past year’s activities you enjoyed and asked for suggestions for the upcoming year. The results were then sent out. One person had a write in suggestion of having a charity Texas Hold Em tournament. I saw that and replied to the Activity team that I’d be interested in that as well and since I used to (and kinda still do) have a side job running Hold Em tournaments, I’d be willing to help out. Much to my anti-social dismay, they replied saying they’d love help and they would discuss it at their next meeting. I just received a call and was asked to come to the meeting in 2 weeks to pitch “my” idea.

So, here’s where I’m needing your help. She said they haven’t yet received a budget, so she didn’t know what they’d be able to offer to help. She said all money could go to the charity of the winner’s choice. Is that incentive enough for you to play? How much would you be willing to play for? $5? $10? $20? “My” pitch would be a lot easier if I could get them to agree to give the winner something half decent like premium Phillies tickets, or a nice dinner or something of that sort. If you’re playing for charity, is it wrong to need a prize for the winner, or should the good naturedness of it be enough? Can anyone offer me any suggestions as to what I could do that would make you more willing to play? Anything that might get non-players to donate money?

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