Thursday, January 26, 2006

4 reviews and an observation

4 reviews of the only 4 sitcoms I watch:

How I Met Your Mother - Totally fucking gay. I never laughed once while watching the show. But I love it.

Arrested Development - Balls out funny. But canceled.

My Name is Earl - Again, I never laugh while watching this show. But, still I watch.

The Office
- I belly laugh. Then I love it more because Jim reminds me of me.


Apparently my ex died and now her vagina makes wine:


Charlie Foxxtrot said...

You do realize that every male watching "The Office" thinks Jim reminds them of themselves right? In reality most of those guys are really Dwights and Michaels.

RitMeyer said...

Remember my comment to this, it seems just like yesterday. Well, two days ago. Rememeber all my witty comments over the months? Yeah, I'm super.