Monday, April 17, 2006

Tim and Titso: The Bronze Medalists of Awesome Couples

The two most famous couples in the world are pregnant. We are pregnant.

Brad and Angelina recently decided to have their baby in Namibia. We recently decided to have our baby in Pennsylvania. (both end in "ia".. coincidence??)

Tom Cruise recently reached level 7 Thetan in Scientology. One time a few years ago I reached level 7 in Tetris.

Brangelina and Tomkat conceived their babies out of wedlock. We conceived our baby within 48 hours of wedlock.

Tom got Katie to become a Scientologist. Angelina got Brad to become a 3rd country world savior. Titso got me to fold the laundry. (Once I even did it without her having to ask)

Angelina adopted a bunch of kids before she even met Brad. Titso adopted a cat before she met me.

Tom Cruise is so powerful he hasn’t had a cold in years. I haven’t been sick in years (not including two weeks ago)

Tom Cruise can, and has, cured people of heroin addiction in 72 hours. I once tried to stay drunk for 72 hours. (only made it 30)

Brad Pitt dumped Jennifer Aniston to get with Angelina. I dumped Jennifer Aniston to get with Titso.


Melissa said...

Just 30? Losah

miss kendra said...

i thought you dumped tom cruise.

Tim said...

Mel - give or take 30

mk - tom cruise does not get dumped. Tom Cruise eliminates you.

❉ pixie ❉ said...

I thought that was Chuck Norris?

Oh great One said...

Tom adopted kids with Kidman didn't he? One more coincidence!

Anonymous said...

This is my all time favorite Bore-A-Phil post!

Long Time Reader, First Time Bore