Thursday, April 20, 2006


I know I’m probably alienating* some of my readers, but is Middle America retarded (no offense to retards)? Ace needed to be voted off, but Kellie Pickler was by far the worst performer this week, and is by far the worst singer on the show.**

Yesterday I accidentally sent my friend an email in which I talked shit about him behind his back. We always talk trash about each other to each other’s faces, but I think the fact that I was ripping on him behind his back may cause me to lose my life the next time I see him.

I have a manager assimilation today. I basically get to talk trash about my manager for four hours and he finds out that trash was talked, but not who talked it. Unfortunately he hasn’t been my manager long enough for me to have any problems with him, so I’m reduced to making up lies. I’ll probably say he kicks puppies, uses handicap parking spots, and votes for Kellie Pickler.

*old school Popoalien

**I know the fact that I actually watch and care about American Idol makes me retarded


him said...

We agree about Kellie being worst last week. But ACE has not been very good for almost 3 weeks. I think this was just the lst straw. I think Kellie has more Talent than ACE.. she has to have something, because she is one taco chort of a combo plate...

him said...

chort, lst ??? damn maybe now I know why I love Kellie hehehe

TinaPoPo said...

Your MSPaint skills continue to amaze me. You should open a gallery.

Tim said...

him - Kellie is nicer to look at with the tv muted. thats about it.

tpp - that masterpiece took me about 4 hours. Stayed up all night working on it.

❉ pixie ❉ said...

I agree with popo. From the "Beer" cup on St. Patty's day to the hospital pic from the bike accident and now are amazing.

min said...

You reminded me of the time I sent a fax (yes, a fax. Who the hell sends faxes anymore????) to one of the managers I worked with, complaining about the gradual deteriorating quality of work one of our employees was beginning to do. However, instead of sending it to the manager, I sent it to the employee I was complaining about. Oops.

But she sure cleaned up her act after that!

Chuck said...

I think it's more the SE US than middle America. All these southern rednecks must be lovin' them some Kelly. I think she'd be pretty good in bed, as long as she didn't open her mouth. Let me rephrase long as she didn't open her mouth to talk.

Queen Of Pink said...
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Queen Of Pink said...

I don't understand it, she's absolutely horrid. But so is Ace. They both suck.

And that's not the only thing that makes you retarded. Which is exactly why we love you so.

❉ pixie ❉ said...

ahhh...that Chuck. Such a classy guy.

Mad Ethel said...

You should totally just tell your manager he kicks puppies and get his reaction. Any chance you could audio blog that interview?

Laurie said...

your last statement might be offensive to retards.


Think Frustrated said...

So who got booted. I was really glad when Bucky got kicked off. He never should have been there. We celebrated by drinking a case of Milwaukee's Best and watching NASCAR (bucky had the white trash vote). Kelly is a hottie, but it looks like she's wearing a wig.

miss kendra said...

i hate them all.

the only one i don't hate is mcphee, and only because her boobs are nice.

The Pink Kitty said...

middle america does suck. So does the lEast cost. It's all about the west coast, cali represent! ;)

Steph said...

OMG that's great! i wish I had one of those days for my boss. I don't think she's a bad boss but it would be fun to lie. Just like you.

Think Frustrated said...

I totally read Kevin Smith's blog about Jason Mewes' battle with heroin (it only took me about two hours). It was great. Everyone should read it.

Anonymous said...

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❉ pixie ❉ said... spam!

Just said...

I wish I could have a manager assimilation day. We have unofficial ones whenever she's out of the office, but it's not the same.

Tim said...

pixie - yeah, I should probably try to sell some of my work. Retire young.

min - was that before or after you sent the smoke signal?

chuck - she's definitely got a cute body and face.

qop - awww, you love my retardedness. thanks!

ethel - I chickened out. I only said he hates puppies.

laurie - they can't read anyway, can they?

tf - ace. And it recently does seem like kellie's got an 80's wigfro on, doesn't it?

kendra - she's so hot. She dresses like a bag lady most of the time though.

tpk - At least we can spell on the East coAst. In your face!!

ateph - bosses get defensive when you rip them. It's wierd.

tf - yeah, it is a really really good read.

anan - thanks for the tip. But, I hate secret shopping.

just - ha!

The Pink Kitty said...

*zing!* True. at least you can spell ;)

DogGirl said...

The first step is admitting the problem. Congrats. 11 more to go.

AIA - American Idol Anonymous

Anonymous said...

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