Thursday, February 03, 2005

Best Day of Work Ever

At 11:30am we will have our first Wing Bowl in our cafeteria. The Wing Bowl is a 12 year old event in Philly. Since the city got sick of not making it to the super bowl, the wing bowl was started. In the real wing bowl contestants eat somewhere between 150 and 200 wings in about 15 minutes. Our version is only a 6 wing speed race, but here's to hoping they also have the beer bongs and keg stands the real wing bowl has...


Burfica said...

so how many did you eat???

I wouldn't hold your breath wishing for the beer at work though. LOL

Tim said...

I'm not in it. I'm a skinny dude who can't eat a lot... but the contestants all have cool nicknames!!...

"Darth WingNut"
"Disposal Unit"
"Patriot Killer"
"The Bus"
"Chicken Kathy-Tori"
and an Asian guy with no nickname who is my pick to win

It's gonna kick ass! If there's no beer, I'll just have to hit the bar solo after the eat off.

nique said...

this is so fun! let us know if the asian dude wins!

ugh i can't imagine ingesting 150-200 wings in 15 min! Yowza!

Tim said...

Asain guy was a no-show. Rumors are swirling that he was brought in as an undercover professional eater, but his identity was revealed beforehand.

They actually ate 12 hot wings. The winner did it in 2 minutes and 41 seconds.