Monday, February 07, 2005


oh well. in 120 hours I'll be lying on a beach.

but still,



nique said...

McNabb was PISSING me off! Hello?! Why do you continue to throw to the wrong team!? Even the poor reffing couldn't bring back all of the interceptions.

That sucks Timmy. They did put up a valiant effort. Well until the 4th... and that onside kick?! That sucked a fatty!? Jeez!

Sorry man, that sucks. Even all of the commercials sucked this year! I wanted to be dazzled!

fleecey said...

at least the first half of the game was good. it would have been a better game against the Steelers, though.

Burfica said...

here let me say one for you


fuck a big assed, web footed, crooked billed, yellow duck!!!!!


Cindy said...


*scampering away*

The Pink Kitty said...

Poor Tim. At least you'll be enjoying the sun soon right?