Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Bite this

Every time I see that starburst commercial I want to punch my TV. Fuckin copycatting bitches.


Burfica said...

lmaooo poor tim.

I couldnt' comment on the previous post.

So hey since you keep winning and are so rich, can I borrow 10 bucks??? hehehehe

Now you need to pick my lotto numbers.
*waiting with pencil and paper ready*

The Pink Kitty said...

You SHOULD punch your TV and then sue the company. After all, if people can sue McDonals saying it made them fat, you should be able to sue because they made you punch your TV the copycatting bitches

Ali said...

Funny, cuz your starburst porn was actually the first thing I thought of when I saw that commercial. I tried to explain it to my friend, who looked at me like I was freakin crazy... Starburst porn? Blog? What?

Michel Johansen said...

I hear ya tim. I'm more of a SKITTLES! man.