Monday, February 21, 2005

Tonight's Poker Winner is

Titso. Yup, My fiance won it all. $50 cold hard cash.



tuuli said...

wow! she's one lucky lady!

Tim said...

of course she is, she has me!! uh, hmm, well at least she won poker.

PS. I haaaate the word fiance. It's skeevy. I hate picturing that little slash mark over the letter (don't know which letter). English words don't have those slash thingies!

C-8 said...

you know, if Pennsylvania was a community property state and if you'd married her already, you'd be entitled to at least half of that money

nique said...

fiance = skeevy?
well without the accent (agu) i always think it looks like finance.

so what will you call her? your wife to be? your longterm hoe? your soon to be lawful partner?

Fifty bucks! sweet!!! that's enough to buy some gas for my car!

Tim said...

cate, one would think out of love she'd give me half, but somehow I ended up paying the bill at the end of the night.

nique, I'll have to come up with a new ackronym for her...

Burfica said...

I hate the word fiance too. makes me *gag* I never said that when I was engaged.

Seee, she has the marriage smarts already to win something and end up making you pay and still keep her money. hehehehehe

inconspicuous attack toad said...

i think the slash is over the e but know what i learned when i got engaged a few months ago? that you are her fiance and she is your fiancee. LUCKY.

PA's not a community property state? hmmmm i'm having flashbacks to some lovely nights during my parents divorce where i swear it was...

Bittergrrl said...

Ahhhh.. l'amour, tojours l'amour.

C-8 said...

as much as I hate the word, you could call her WOOT after you get married - it would stand for

or - for now, you could call her


Tim said...

LOOOOOVE it cate!