Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Man vs. Cat

As promised, last night I held a peeing contest with my cat. If we were judged solely on quantity, I took the cake. Last night was Riverdog Poker’s first night at a new bar. It was pretty successful considering there was only 3 days of advertisements in the bar. Anyway, I had about 5 or 6 beers while the poker was being played. My drinking lead to my unintentional win in the quantity department.

Tim 1, Fawn the cat 0

The next category was aim. We were peeing in the closet, so the aim catgory was based on how concentrated we could make our pee to build a puddle. As I may have said here before, I can’t hit a toilet bowl, so my aim is not very good. Needless to say, the score was tied.

Tim 1, Fawn 1

The third and final category was smell. If I would have remembered about the contest earlier in the night, I definitely would have just had an asparagus bunch for dinner, but I forgot. And, I was drinking, so my pee was pretty watered down. Fawn wins the smell category and the contest. Stupid cat.

Tim 1, Fawn 2


Alekx said...

how humbling to lose to a kitty cat

Tim said...

nah, I let her win. She's a pussy.

Jenny said...

Tim honey, I worry.

I'm just sayin'.

Tim said...

yeah, I hear ya Jenny... I shoulda never lost the competition.

Burfica said...

ummmmmmm.....that's just not right....even for me

And we all know how far I stretch that limit.


PBandJ said...

This is funny stuff...clever.