Tuesday, July 12, 2005


I just saw a dork at the pizza shop at lunch. Sometimes when I see dorks I get sad for them. Not regular, happy-go lucky dorks because they usually have other dorks to hang out with. I’m talking about the dorks that wear their ugly pants pulled up around their chest with their shirt tucked in, haven’t seen the sun in like ever, have bad hair, and have zero social skills and friends. Sometimes I want to walk up to them and say “hey. How are you? I’ll be your friend for the next 5 minutes if you want.” Sometimes I just want to cry for them because I know they can’t be happy with their life of working at Best Buy, and playing Xbox for 12 hours a day. Sometimes I wish I could just give them a makeover which would make them less dorky. But most of the time I just want to punch them and give them atomic wedgies.


Conti said...

Dude I do the exact same thing. I feel bad about being such a stud and I want to pat the dork on the back and be like 'atta boy'.

Tim said...

'atta boy' is perfect. The dork would know exactly what you meant.