Thursday, July 07, 2005

No Title

I don’t got much to say today. Not sure if it’s the terrorist thing or if I’m just too busy and uncreative to write anything. I was thinking of a few posts, but I couldn’t really come up with good enough material to actually post them… but I’ll tell you what my ideas where…

Ther first thing I was thinking was to create my own mememe. Except it would be a himherthem. Instead of telling everyone about yourself, tell everyone about someone else. And the idea was to create 3-5 awards for blogs you read and link them and get people to read them. Such as The Best Commenters Award would go to blog ho. His posts are always amazing, but some of the things the people write in his comments section are ever funnier. (Plus I thought I'd link him again due to his quest to be linked on every blog in existence.) Another one would be Best New Blog ( or at leas one that I’ve been reading for only two or three weeks) would be Conti. He’s weird, like me. Blogger Who Probably has the Biggest Penis Award would go to this guy. Best Blog that Gets Almost No Comments would go to Lint. He’s almost always witty and entertaining, but most of his posts go uncommented upon. I don’t get it. And my Life Time Achievement Award would go to The Pink Kitty. The second person to start reading my shit, and still comments on a regular basis. And all around cool cat.

But I decided not to post that because I didn’t think it was creative enough and didn’t think people would play along and I’d look like a loser. Plus people would get pissed because I didn’t give them an award. Sorry beeotchs.

My next idea that I’m not going to write about would be the comparison between my blog and me in bed. First similarity, neither last more than a minute or two to go through from start to end. Second, neither are ever very deep. And lastly, I usually finish on the boobs.

But I couldn’t come up with enough stupid comparisons, so I’m not going to post that.

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