Wednesday, July 06, 2005

I can tell that things are gonna be fine

Funqi wrote today about how she was reading through some of her old posts and how it brought back some of the feelings she had at the time. I had actually done the same thing last week and was going to write about it, but never did, so here I is doing it now.

I started blogging right at about the time Ashlee Simpson lip synched on SNL. Boy, did that make me angry. Made me just as angry reading about it again. Then I reread about when OBD died. Man-o-man, what a sad day in my life that was. Then the day when I changed my blog title from “I’m less Interesting Than You” To “Chloraphil?? More Like Bore-a-phil!?!” What a fun, confident day that was. I had some bad times, I had some sad times, I had some good times.

But in reality, I first started writing in hopes that I’d get some of my creativity out and I’d become “normal”, or “acceptable to society”. People had been telling me back then that I “don’t seem mentally stable” and “I seem a little off” and “sometimes when I look at you I fear for the future of mankind”. Well, I think this blog has really helped me. Nowadays when people say to me, “oh my God, get away from me you freak” or “sorry, but it’s just too small,” at least I can tell them I’m putting forth the effort to change.

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