Friday, July 22, 2005

A Simple Plan

When I was at the Borgata last week we were hanging out at one of the casino bars before the Weezer show. They had an extensive margarita menu. I was shocked when I saw they served a $60 margarita, until I saw the $180 margarita. Upon seeing this, I hatched a plan. Keep paying $6/beer for my Miller Lites, get really drunk, go to the show, then gamble. Everything was going exactly as planned. My plan was to win millions. After joining the ranks of the riches, I was going to go back into the bar, buy myself a $180 margarita, take one sip, and spit it in the bartenders face. I would then proceed to demand my money back, twofold. That would show them who’s the fucking boss!* But, unfortunately, they sniffed my plan out and rigged the cards to make me lose. Fucking mobsters.

*Tony Danza

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