Thursday, July 21, 2005

Pretty soon you'll be an old bastard too

A few years ago the company I work for started a quest to be voted as one of the Top 100 places to Work in the US. We've failed every year thus far. When they ask us why it's not one of the best I always answer "Why would we be a top 100 place? Nothing is done for me to like wokring here anymore than I would a McDonalds." But now, after writing this blog for the past few months I'm starting to realize I might just be a grumpy bastard. It seems like everyday I'm writing about something fun and different going on. Yesterday it was a guy screaming about pussy, today there's a guy sellling CD's in the cafeteria again. A few weeks ago I asked for suggestions as to what to buy, but he had left by the time I went down. So, I FINALLY took Future Ex's advice and Picked up Ben Folds, Songs For Silverman. I'm digging it.

But the true reason I'm writing to officially apologize to my company for saying they don't try is because of next week's event. Free Lap Dance week. It's gonna be awesome!!

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