Friday, February 24, 2006

A Day in the Life: Realtime blogging

7:45 – Woke up, brushed teeth, washed face, did hair.

7:50 – Looked magnificent.

7:52 – Ate Berry Krispies

7:55 – tasted magnificent.

8:25 – Arrived at work

8:30 – got on blog, commented on comments, starting thinking about what to write today. Didn’t come up with anything

8:31 – Put in Pixies cd

8:32-8:50 – Work related activites

8:51 - continued looking magnificent

9:12 - Brushed teeth. Flirted with self in mirror.

10:16 - sneezed

10:40 - listen to Curious George soundtrack

10:55 - daydream about how winning a silver medal would suck because you didn't win

11:01 - Get annoyed at the fact that I bit the inside of my cheek yesterday

11:03 - See that Arm gave me best comment of the day. Get happy.

12:04 - scratch ass. Make dinner plans. get hungry

12:30 - get burrito

12:40 - eat burrito while reading My Friend Leonard

1-3 - do lots of work

3:00-3:01 - debate dumping here or waiting till gym

3:02 - 4:01 - dump


TinaPoPo said...

I'm guessing the mirror promptly took a shower after that last part.

Just said...

You brush your teeth after you get to work? Do you make a point of breathing on colleagues you don't like beforehand?

Tim said...

tpp - because it was so hot and bothered?

just - I brush when I wake up and after I finish my coffee.

jennifer starfall said...

crap, so do i. does that mean i'm weird?

babyjewels said...

18 minutes of work related activity? I'm working at the wrong company. any openings?

Stop pointing at popo's hienie.

Tim said...

jen - no. unless you think I'm weird....

bj - I thought I'd only put the important stuff on here.

Chuck said... you going to update this all day? I'll have to keep checking back in. When did you have your morning dump? Come can't leave that off.

Melissa said...

I have the day off and I'm still checking blog at ten in the morning. I have problems.

Tim said...

it's usually the afternoon. Sometimes not at all. Depends on what I have for lunch. Probably Mexican, so it will probably be 5 minutes after I eat lunch.

Melissa said...

Hey, I posted a comment and it didn't come up. What the hell? Tim, are you censoring me?!

Tim said...

hells no. maybe you, um... I don't know what happened. But, I do know yesterday some comments were taking a few minutes to show up. It would show a comment, but when I opened comments, nothing showed. (like right now, it says 10 comments, but only 9 show)

Steph said...

did you know they have a medicine for cheek biting? it's a creame you rub on the sore area. it takes away the pain and swollen-nessness so you don't bite the same area again. it's called "Cheekytime." it's at any drugstore, I strongly suggest you check it out.

TinaPoPo said...

Wait, what was Arm's comment?

Tim said...

steph - cheekytime sounds like a sex gel

tpp - I meant he voted my comment on his site the best of the day.

Chuck said...'d the debate turn out?

Think Frustrated said...

1. That "lady" with nasty lips is probably actually a fella.

2. Dump at work. Get paid to shit.

3. Pixies = good

Chuck said...

Damn, that must have been one hellatious burrito!

Think Frustrated said...

Glad you decided on the "pay me to poop" option. Love how it lasted 59 minutes. You must have had a real page-turner in there with you. Knowing you, it probably had Fabbio on the cover in some super homo-sexual, yet masculine, chest-waxed pose. Or, it was a Highlights magazine. Either one takes 59 minutes to read cover-to-cover.

Tim said...

chuck - I fell asleep

TF- and you would know that, how?

inconspicuous attack toad said...

you do too much. i think you need a vacation.

Funqi said...

How is My Friend Leonard? I was n the middle of reading A Million Little Pieces when the Oprah episode and Smoking Gun site came out bashing all that is untrue or skewed in his book. It ruined it a little bit for me. Now I'm debating on whether or not to pick up a copy of My Friend Leonard.

Currently reading Dry by Augusten Burroughs - nice follow up to Running with Scissors - I'm on a memoir kick.

Sorry to get all book club on you and non-funny but I had to ask.

Tim said...

funqi - it's good. I really like the way he writes. I think his style sucks you in and makes you feel like you're there. It's all disappointing about how it was lies, but I like his style so much I'm still reading this one. It's not as good as million little pieces, but it's good.