Thursday, February 09, 2006

A Thursday post

Last night I was going to do an audio blog on my way to dealing poker, but I forgot. It wasn’t going to be anything exciting, I was just going to talk about yesterday’s post. As with a lot posts, I think of ideas when I’m on different internet sites and they spark ideas. My idea for yesterday went as follows: “Maybe I’ll make cartoons that I’ll ask people to protest. Oh, and maybe they’ll be talking shit about my blog, but I’ll insist that’s not the reason I’m protesting them.” So, I opened up MSPaint to draw my cartoons. And boy, you should have seen the ideas in my head. I’m Leonardo Da Vinci in my head. The bunny is fuzzy and cute, the hooker is super skanky with a cold sore or something, the flying shit people are in the middle of a city with details abound. Then as soon as my mouse starts drawing, I laugh at myself at how bad they are, which I think makes it even funnier. My brother is an artist and I’m jealous, but at the same time, I think the retardedness of the drawings makes for a good post.

I’m still trying to determine if I’m a pervert or not. The other night I was on and looking at all the videos on there and I love this homemade video so much that I actually went out and bought the Pixies cd with this song. I don’t think I’m a sex pervert, but I figured that by using the words sex, and homemade video in a post, I could get more hits. Want to know a good way to get more hits? Post a link to the naked brad pitt picture. I get about 20 hits a day from this link. Talk about perverts!


I once had a theory I was afraid to post because I thought it was stupid. Here's the theory... ever hear the game "Six Degree of Kevin Bacon" where any actor in hollywood can be linked to Kevin Bacon through 6 or less movies? My theory is "Six Degrees of Blogger Nation." I honestly feel that any blogger that links to people can be linked to any other blogger on the internet through 6 links or less. The theroy could never be proved, so I never mentioned it. Anyway, the reason I write it now is that on that brad pitt link, I clicked on the 1st picture and that person links to Melissa just like I do. So, I think my theory is right! I bet you can't disprove me.


wendi said...

dude...i came up with that months ago!!! on one of my old blogs...very cool...

Steph said...

dang, I thought I was going to be the first post for once!!!!!!

Tim said...

wendi - well, you've had like 95 blogs, so I must have missed that one.

stpeh - you're always first in my book

Sean said...

this is somewhat true. try to get to my blog from some high profile blog like trent or gawker or whatnot. i don't think you can do it..

Tim said...

sean - I can probably do that without even looking. I can't get on myspace from here, but I bet this would work... trent linked to kfed's myspace, who has RitMeyer as a friend, who I'm only guessing links her blog from her myspace, who links to you.

RitMeyer said...

Nice theory, but I didn't list my blog on myspace. I haven't been on it since that first week. I forgot my password and I don't care. Funny thing is that I put on my profile that myspace sucks and I only did it to get KFed as a friend and I get 3 or 4 people a week who want to be my friend. I tell them no. I really need to remember the damn password so I can delete it or something.

I love this theory. That I was the queen of the Kevin Bacon game in college. I was especially good really hammered. I bet we could prove it somehow...

fuzzymuffin said...

Hmmm, interesting *strokes beard*

Mad Ethel said...

OMG. I was going to bring this up. I think you were the one that said Dooce is overrated. I was wasting time at work and wouldnt you know - I could almost always find a damn link to Dooce's blog?! She's effing everywhere!

Think Frustrated said...

I want to make my blog more hit-worthy. Tomorrow's post will have all sorts of links to naked celebrities.

Everyone can be traced to me in two links because I am omniscient.

x said...

With ya on the six degrees thing.

Also with ya on thinking you're a pervert.

Melissa said...

M.C Glammer is awesome. That is all.

ME said...

Tim I think that you are right about the six degrees of blog world.

I don't think you're a perv though because if you're a perv I'm a nympo. Wait a minute you are a perv. ;)

Just said...

six degrees is too many. I need to be closer to you than that.

Chick said...

Gotta love The Pixies.

As for your're's all kind of incestuous out there in blogland...sort of like fucking your sister, right?

(or at least a cousin or an aunt).

Chuck said...

Cool're probably pretty on track with it. Why don't you give it a try.

Speaking of my links...can you tell me why it is that you show up on the top of the list on my blog? My roll is alphabetical and I've tried to re-add you several times, but no matter what I do your blog always goes to the top of the list. Is this something you planned?

Tim said...

rit - myspace sucks big time. I just don't understand it.

sarah - you have a beard!? are you in the circus?

mad - yes, everywhere. Oh, gee, look she talked about the bathroom today. Just like 50,000 other bloggers.

tf - that will absolutely work. I've already had about 9 links from naked brad pitt today.

lib - yeah, I guess so. oh well.

mel - I'll have to check him/her out.

me - how dare you!

just - you live in London. Thats like 45 degrees of seperation from here.

chick - I wish I had a sister.

chuck - cream of the crop, rise to the top. (really, I have no clue)

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