Monday, May 09, 2005


Since Chick asked for me to write about my trip, I will, although I will warn you it makes for boring reading. The flights played two movies both ways, Electra and Ocean’s 12 on the way over and Oceans 12 and Little Black Book on the way home. Being that I’m partially gay, Little Black Book was the only movie I watched. Like every good train wreck, it was horrible, but I was glued to to it. I tried Ocean’s 12, but it put me to sleep.

The hotel we stayed in was ridiculous. Three plasma tv’s in our room. One of which rose out of the foot of the bed, another was built into the wall in the bathroom to watch while in the tub, the third above the fire place. One of the guests of the hotel had a private helicopter parked out back to fly to all the courses instead of driving. I hate assholes.

The golf was good. I played well for 3 days, my dad didn’t do so well. We missed a 1st place finish on one of the days by one stroke. Two of the days had steady 30mph winds with 50-60mph gusts. Wasn’t the best golfing weather, but it was Ireland, so it’s what I expected. The courses were amazingly beautiful.

Drinking. Started right after golf everyday and ended between midnight and 3am depending on what was going on. A majority of the people in the Father Son tourney were guys my dad’s age, with their dads. There were two or three guys my age and one guy that was 21 I was hanging with. They were cool, but I missed my brother to hang out with. Guinness is hands down a better beer in Ireland than it is here, but I was drinking Harp and Carlsberg most of the time.

All in all it was a good trip. I enjoyed hanging out with just my dad, but it’s just not the same as taking a family vacation. I took a ton of pictures and will try to get some posted later this week when I’ve got some time at home to load them.

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