Thursday, May 12, 2005

Too many Guinnesseses!

I finally got around to loading all the pictures I took in Ireland. A weird thing happened. I saw things in the pictures I never noticed when I took them. I'm not sure if it's one of those ghost situations or if they were all there and I was just drunk. Take a look for yourself:

(as always all pictures can be clicked on for the full version)

This first picture was the first golf course we played at. When I took the picture I saw nothing. When I loaded it on my PC, it turns out there was a leprachaun following me around the course.

Walking through the town of Killarney later that day I didn't see him... but he was there. And he met a naked woman.

The next day if I would have only turned around, I would have seen them.

This little castle was on one of the courses. I must have stepped right over them.

The tv above the bathtub I told you about? Must see tv.

Finally, a picture in which they didn't appear.

Until I zoomed in on the boat!