Monday, May 16, 2005

Note to Self:

When extremely pissed off, do not play online poker. It only gets you more pissed.

Well, I got fucked tonight. I wish literally, but I mean figuratively. I walked into the bar to set up for poker and someone was already there setting up. The Not As Cute As She Thinks waitress walked up to me and said, sorry prickface (aka, the owner) said they weren't making any money so they're switching. First of all thats a total fucking lie because the bartender (who's cousin it is that died last week) has told me they make tons of money. Second of all, what kind of fucking asshole just has someone show up to take your place without telling me. (and it's not even the assholes that I wrote were trying to take our place last week.) In a stunned moment all I could say is "Thats total fucking bullshit." and walked out. My brother pulled up and I told him and we stood by his car in shocked silence trying to determine what to do. After 10 minutes NACAST comes out and says "What are you guys doing?" We say "We're just talking about how fucked over we just got." She says "You're not waiting for people to show up to tell them not to go in are you?" We tell her to fuck off and we're just talking about how much bullshit this is. She tells us the owner bought his own stuff and he didn't have our phone numbers. Meanwhile the guy has called me about 6 times in the past. She then drives off (presumably to go get her big boyfriend she breaks up with every week) and two other waitresses come out. One asks "Are you guys loitering?" We tell her to fuck off we're just talking. She warns us not to cause problems. My brother asks her who the fuck she is before she tells us she's the bartender taking my friend's place while he's at the funeral and we finally get in our cars and leave.

We've been coming into that bar for the past 15 weeks building a following getting more and more people, staying later for people to play side games when we don't have to and basically being friends with every person that walks inthere. We were the bartenders and waitresse best fucking friends for the past 15 weeks bringing them more monday night business then they'd have gotten if they were giving free blowjobs. All that and the owner doesn't even give us the common courtesy of a phone call. Fuck him. Fuck you. Fuck everybody.

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