Tuesday, March 14, 2006

My day so far

Wake up. Shit. Dry heave. Dry heave. shit shit shit dry heave shit shit shit.

My perfect attendance immune system seems to be taking the day off. I'm truly sick for the first time in years. Dammit.


TinaPoPo said...

Aw, Tim. Feel better.

And please refrain from any future live-blogging of your bathroom activity. Some stuff should just be kept private, you know?

jennifer starfall said...

are you pregnant?

The Pink Kitty said...

Poor tim! It sounds like you either have the flu or food poisoning. Make sure to try and hydrate and rest up!

The Other Half said...

that's what you get for lying

Heather said...

Did you get the diseased from the poker chips?

"Those nuts have pee on them!"

Hope you feel better!

babyjewels said...

at least they're dry heaves. wet heaves are the worst.

Chuck said...

I hope you're feeling better my brotha!

Melissa said...

That sucks. Try some Tussin, I heard it cures everything.

Tim said...

tpp - I guess I shouldn't have told you about the dry heaving

jen - thats what I was going to write at first, but my lack of feeling like having a sense of humor didn't allow me to.

tpk - yeah, I was trying to figure out what I may have eaten, but nothing out of the ordinary. I guess it's just the flu.

awa - I'll never lie again. Starting tomorrow.

heather - thats not a bad theory. Poker chips are pretty nasty if you think about it.

bj - I wanted to wet heave just to get it all out.

chuck - starting to. thanks.

mel - that or windex.

❉ pixie ❉ said...

I hope you flushed between the shit shit shit and the dry heave. Nobody wants a shitty splash back from the miniscule amount of stomach juices that come out when your heaving. Yuck.