Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Who is going to get kicked off American Idol tonight?

Here's the order I think they should get kicked off:

1. That one 12 year old douchebag who looks like an alien and thinks he’s a sex symbol.
2. That one douchebag with long hair and two teeth
3. That one half-blackish chick who I’ve fast forwarded through every single time she’s on screen.
4. That giant black chick who’s so pretentious she goes by one name: Douchebag
5. That annoying stupid chick that looks like Filan.
6. That doucebag with a great voice who looks like he cuts his own hair, performs his own dental work, and wears his own spock ears.
7. Mr. I’m So Sexy With My Long Hair And My Stare Into The Camera Douchebag
8. That elfish black chick who’s talking voice makes me want to poke my eyes out
9. That 55 year old douchebag with Tourettes Syndrome.
10. That hot bitch
11. Chris


TinaPoPo said...

Reading this post makes me wish I watched American Idol. Luckily, your prediction has given me all the information I need to know.

The Other Half said...

you need to get kicked off the blog world


Melissa said...

I haven't watched American Idol since the season where Fantasia won. That poor, little, chunky girl Diana was robbed.

C-8 said...

I'd like to switch #4 (I like her) with #9 (he needs More meds)

Steph said...

sometimes i wish i watched this show. ok, not really.

miss kendra said...

good call. except that chris is not a singer- he's a band frontman. he won't do well being marketed as a singer because rock music is produced by bands.

the next show will be to find out who gets to be his backup.

Think Frustrated said...

I agree with Kendra. I like the 55 year old douchebag with Tourettes. He's kind of like Dave Matthews with a severe brain injury.

HappyKap said...

I wish I watched this show. Everyone seems to get into it. I never know when it's on.

Regina said...

I HATE that Tourette's guy!!! Ugh he makes me want to slap him. The Joe Cocker act MUST stop!

Kelly Pickler's "I'm just a stupid country bumpkin" act is getting old too. I liked her in the beginning, but she needs to act like herself and stop playing the Jessica Simpson of American Idol.

I LOVE Chris!! I hope hope hope he wins.

Glenn Beck calls Bucky and Elliot "The Dental Wonder Twins"... Seriously, if they're in the top twelve, Fox should invest in veneers for them!

Sean said...

I love kelly pickler because you could tell her anything and she'd believe you.

fuzzymuffin said...

I want Simon Cowell to win

Tim said...

tpp - yeah, I've pretty much recapped the season.

awa - how dare you!

mel - this is the first one I've watched since Ruben won and was never seen again.

c8 - old man's charm has definitely worn thin in a hurry.

steph - really, you're not missing much.

kendra - I'm sure America Idol will screw up his career for a few years, then he'll be the lead singer of a grammy winning rock band.

tf - I was thinking that... he definitely moves like DM on crack.

hk - really, you aren't missing much. I'll lose interest in another week or two.

regina - Extreme Makeover: American Idol edition.

sean - yeah, like she's a good singer.

sarah - he's the only reason I watch. I fast forward through the other two retard judges.

Queen Of Pink said...

I think it's gonna be Kevin. I'm an amazing guesser. What ya wanna bet I'm right?

Conti said...

It was the midget sex symbol. Back to the Boy Scouts, he goes.

Dirk the Feeble said...

I have GOT to watch this show!

Trish said...

Kellie Pickler needs to be slapped. "What's a ballsy?" GAHHHHHH!