Friday, August 05, 2005

My blog is in Jeopardy

I'm posting from home right now. My boss told everyone to go home early because "it's too hot out." Not really sure what that has to do with anything since we work indoors, but I ran out the door anyway.

I could not log onto my blog from work today. I couldn't get on haloscan, nor could I get on statcounter.

The other week I put a request in to our desktop services to have the apostrophe removed from my email address. It causes problems, so I wanted it out. Last night they tried to remove it. It didn't work and they fucked up my email big time. They never got it back up today, so I can't be sure if my inability to log on to blogger is associated with that or what. I can't imagine it would be. I fear they may have taken a look at my email and internet usage and they may have cut me off from these three site that I'm on for 8 hours a day. I was able to see my blog, see everyone else's blogs, but I couldn't log onto to anything to leave comments or to post blogs.

If they did cut me off, I can't imagine I'll keep this blog for much longer. 99% of my blogs are written at work. I just don't have the creative drive from home that I have at work and I don't think I'd do it from here if I couldn't also do it at work. I can only hope today was a fluke.

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AMS said...

i have the same fear! they installed this programme onto everyone's pc where they can see exactly what you're looking at and for how long. one of my friends got told off by the boss for looking up sites about the effects of ecstacy tablets - i reckon its only a matter of time before blogger is blocked