Monday, August 15, 2005

Post bachelor party fallout

I’ve got this one friend who always has to be the center of attention. Which is why I wasn’t surprised on Thursday night when he told me he was bringing his girlfriend to my bachelor party. He was supposedly already going to be downtown with her, so he was going to meet us at the strip club. Being the laid back-I-could-give-a-shit-less kind of person that I am, I said I didn’t care. I’ve been friend with him for 25 years, so I’m used to this kind of shit from him.

So, they meet us there and I was so drunk I don’t really remember much, so as far as I knew Saturday everything was fine. Until Titso told me she knew she showed up. Titso is friends with everyone. Except her. Every one of my friend’s wives/girlfriends gets along except this one girl. Her appearance did not make Titso a happy girl. At her, him, or me. She thinks I should have told my friend not to bring her. And she’s probably right, as usual. Titso’s so pissed off and feels disrespected that she wants me to un-invite her to the wedding. I avoid drama at all costs and tomorrow night at my softball game I’m going to have to tell him this. He savors drama at all costs so it’s going to be a huge ordeal and I hate this shit. I’d fight the cause with Titso to just let her be invited but my brother told me last night that this girl was supposedly yelling at me at the strip club because I was paying attention to the strippers and not to her. And that’s where the line was crossed for me.

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