Wednesday, August 17, 2005

My greatest years

I just started thinking about what years of my life were the greatest. So, I had to write them down to decide.

attended Phillies world series winner (5)
1st memory of seeing vagina (7)

broke arm(11)
1st kiss(13)
spanked it(13)
got drunk (13)
hit a walk off homerun (13)
broke wrist (16)
got booty (17)
fell in love the 1st time (18)

started working for a miserable living (21)
got 1st lapdance (22)
all conference collegiate swimmer (20,21)
shagged most girls at age (23)
bought 1st house (25)
did a triathlon (27)
ran a marathon (28)
started blogging (29)
bought “forever” home (29)
will get married (29)

As of right now, it looks like 13 was my golden year. I might have to keep adding to this to decide.

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