Monday, August 08, 2005

Weekend by the Letters

So, I tried to send this earlier, but it didn't post.... I'll try it again...

A ss play I got: zero.
B lowjobs. Lots of blowjobs. My answer in marriage class to "What does marriage mean to you?"
C ousin of Mine. Drunkest girl at the bachelorette party
D rinks consumed: 4. My lowest weekend total ever.
E ntourgae. Entire season watched.
F our am. Time I went to bed after waiting up for Titso to get home to make sure she brought home no male strippers.
G arage cleaned.
H aloscan. Can't log onto it.
I ce cream from Dairy Queen eaten.
J ennings. Peter. Kicked the bucket.
K ana-pre. What I did for 8 hours yeterday.
L osers. What the Phillies are.
M ail-E. How I'm posting this.
N oon. Time I woke up Saturday.
O ne Thirty am. Time I stayed up till watching Miami Ink last night.
P anic. What I just did when I complained about my email. The took remote control of my computer and perused my emails.
Q uickly. How I want my email fixed.
R erdum. Watched The Shining this weekend.
S tatcounter and blogger. Can't log on to them still.
T wo fourty-five am. Time I cracked the first of my 4 beers.
U nderwear color: White. With brown stripes.
V egetebles picked from old houses' garden: tomatoes, and green, banana, and jalepeno peppers.
W edding countdown: 18 days.
X XX movies purchased: zero.
Y oung MC songs heard: zero.
Z ero: times I got Boo-tay.

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