Sunday, August 28, 2005

Wedding recap

As you may have read, my day started at around 4:30am when I woke up. I stayed awake and we golfed at 9am. I haven't golfed in 2 months and I played the best golf in my life. A good sign I guess. Though I did forget to bring my suit with me, so I had to drive 40 minutes to go pick it up. Anyway, most of my groomsmen met up at my friend's house and we got ready and drank some Johnny Walker and bonded. The limo picked us up and dropped us off to wait for the bride... and wait... and wait.... and wait. A half hour after the ceremony was set to begin, they arrived...

This is boring the shit out of me. The photograpers were annoying. The entire cocktail (hehe, I said cock) hour was pictures. The first dance was pretty awesome I guess. When it started we didn't think they were playing the right song, but then it kicked in and it was amazing. Several people asked us if we took lessons. Obviously the bartenders were lacing beers with crack. After the first dance, the annoyingness set in. And by annoying I mean talking to people. Trying to talk to 225 people in 10 minutes doesn't work out too well. And when you find out some people don't give you thier card until you talk to them things get hectic. AND, very early in the night I talked to one of my dad's friends and he handed me his card and told me I had to talk to all his friends to get thier cards. His card wasn't sealed, so I looked into it and saw a check for $500. I immediately ran over to all his friends, all his friends wives, and I even tried to talk to his waiters to see if they were witholding anything. Titso and I are completely blown away at the generousity of people... or at least people you talk to.

Ther'e so many stories to tell that will probably bore you so I'll just recap. Played golf. Forgot suit. Got suit. Got dressed. Rode in Hummer limo. Got married. Got choked up and had to whisper my vows to avoid crying. Titso looked unbelievable (see below). Didn't eat any hour' dourvs because of pictures. Did shots. Danced pretty good. Didn't eat much. Did shots. Was nice during cake cutting. Did shots. Took pictures. Talked to people for 3 hours. Did shots. Wanted to dance. Danced to best wedding band EVER! (as told to us by at least 10 people) Did shots. Went to cousin's afterparty. Drank beers. Went to hotel. Got upgraded to honeymoon suite. Passed out. Didn't get laid. Woke up next morning. Got laid. YEAH!!!

I'm sure I'll log on from Italy because my fantasy baseball team is winning week 1 of playoffs, so I have to check on them. And you.

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