Monday, August 22, 2005

Weekend lowlights

Friday night after 20 beers, Titso and I practiced our wedding dance for the first time. Our song is “Beyond the Sea” by Bobby Darin. The song has some pep to it, so we can’t just hang on each other. I think I’m an ok dancer and she is a self-proclaimed bad dancer. It. Was. Ugly. Tripping, broken toenails, dropped dips, and every other aspect of bad dancing took place. We’re going to embarrass the shit out of ourselves.

I’d never blame alcohol for anything, but after all that drinking and bad dancing Friday night I got a charely horse at 6am Saturday morning. I haven’t gotten one since one night 4 years ago when I had about 8 red bull and vodkas. (not real red bull, but red bull knockoff) Upon being woken up to the piercing pain, my thought process went like this “AHHHH!! Oh my God!!! A charely horse! YESS! I love charley horses!! Wait, no I don’t. owww! Stop, God make it stop! I’m so tired. So very tired... sleep please come back to me. Sleepppp…. Ouch....” zzzzzzzz…

I don’t know what the hell prompted me to think I like charley horses.

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