Wednesday, December 29, 2004

100 things in 100 seconds

I'm going to list 100 things I like and I'm going to do it in 100 seconds... ready, go!

1. um.. I like certain foods
2. music's cool
3. some movies are good, but not all of them
4. hmm..... i like sports

dammit, I couldn't do it. Maybe next time.


Chick said...

At least you tried!

C-8 said...

dammit, Tim, you stole my list right out of my head... except I don't think I even got up to #4 - get out of my head

Alekx said...

I double dog dare you to try to get up to #5

The Pink Kitty said...

oooo Tim, you've been double dog dared, whatcha gonna do now?

Tim said...

can't do it. Even if I had infinity number of seconds, I only really like those 4 things. kinda. I guess number 5 could be girls, but sometimes I kinda don't like them.

Alekx said...

well **sniff** and I thougt blogging was just a cover up for your true feelings for me.
Wait am I on the wrong blog????
Man a double dog dare down the drain. hehehe

Lint said...

100 things, 100 seconds... Quick bit of maths: I reckon that's about a second per thing. If someone was somebody who really liked individual letters, they could probably get their first 26 things quite easily. If they lived in China, maybe more. I don't know how Chinese keyboards work.

If also they liked numbers between 0 and 9 (inclusive), they might get another 10. So that's 36 so far.

I guess after that they'd have to like things that had really short names like Ad, Id, or KY. Maybe there are 64 of them?

I'd have a go myself, but most of the things I like have far too many letters. I like things like "Being the second person to enter the pub" or "Remembering a thing I thought I'd forgotten due to drinking too much, but then realising I'd just forgotten it because the IDIOT HAD NEVER TOLD ME IN THE FIRST PLACE".

So I'm not gonna try and make that list myself.

Tim said...

Lint, that was some real e=mc2 shit. You lost me at "math".

Alekx said...

eh can someone translate what Lint said up there
My head hurts

Lint said...

Sorry, just trying to work out if it's a list that someone could really make. So to list a 100 things in 100 seconds, they have to be very quick things to type.

Hence you'd have to like things that have very few characters in them.

nique said...

Lint, I thought I was bored at work. I don't even have enough motivation to type that much, let alone think that much! Wow!

"you lost me at Math" hahahaha funny

Tim said...

Lint, why do you like being the second person in the bar and not the first? Don't like to drink alone?

Lint said...

Re being the second person to enter the bar:

I should have been more specific. I meant being the second person to arrive out of the people you are meeting. If you're first, you just have to sit around on your own and it's a bit lonely. But if you're second then you won't be lonely. Unless the person that's already there is one of your friends that you don't like.