Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Bro's without Ho's '04

Yesterday I returned from the 4th annual golfing trip with my brothers and pop. Although the weather wasn’t too good, a good time was had by all. Highlights included:

  • Being presented with the question: How many O’Donnell men does it take to change a flat tire?
  • Not being able to come up with an answer before road side assistance stepped in after 15 minutes. (We hadn’t yet figured out how to get the jack out of the holder, the spare tire off the bottom of the car, or the cap off the flat tire to get to the lug nuts. Yes, we are pathetic.)
  • Missing our flight home and being told all remaining flights to Philly were over booked.
  • Being told at 5am the next day that there were about 40 free seats on those flights.
  • Going to the world worst sports bar. Fox Sports Bar in the Orlando airport. Advertised the NFL package and didn’t have it. Blared horrible Jessica Simpson and company pop music through the speakers and we were told to move our seats if we didn’t like it. (There were speakers every 3 feet)
  • Sucking at golf.
  • Calling my little brother Governor Jim McGreevy the whole trip.
  • Making up raps about how gay each other are.
  • Watching one of the greatest golfer of all time on a practice tee.
  • Finding out Budweiser has an Energy Beer called “B to the E”. It’s not bad.
  • Getting my brother to be my business partner. Now I just need to do the leg work, which I’m too lazy to do.


Steimes said...

Tim, the proper responce to a sports bar playing pop music and not having sports is to pull your pants down to your ankels jump onto the bar and poop. Not a little girl poop, but a massive I just ate at Ponderosa and went for desert 4 times kinda poop. Then procede to burst into tears, crying about how mommy hated your poo. Then start to beat the poop with your fists (keep in mind your pants are still down) thus smearing and splashing it all over. Compose yourself, pull up your pants and walk out.

tuuli said...

That sounds one great and relaxing trip! but hey you can take it as an experiment, right?

Tim said...

Stiemes, And that would differ from the way I normally act in a bar in what way??

The Pink Kitty said...

Yay! You're back!

Steimes said...

Tim, you compose yourself and walk out. Other than gettign sloshed and going out with the first guy you see who looks halfway cute.