Monday, December 20, 2004

Company Q&A

The company I work for has 30,000+ employees. Once a month a Question and Answer email is sent out including all the company policy questions people have asked. This was one from today's Q&A:

I think I have witnessed abuse of the Short Term Disability Leave (STD) policy. Does the company have any plans to decrease the percentage of pay for STD to discourage abuse of this benefit? The abuse of STD really hurts departments that have work shared among employees. It really affects the service factor numbers because workers are spread too thin and get burned out.

First of all, we really have a policy called the STD policy?? And second, there is no way this person could be serious. "pay for STD","STD really hurts", "shared among employees", "get burned out". Come on! This person totally just wanted to write those phrases in an official email.


Alekx said...

Okay am I the only one that got the giggles thinking STD's really hurt
As in Sexually Tranmitted Dieseases.

I'm a dork..I know it..It's okay to say it in your outside playgound voice.

Lint said...

In the UK (and elsewhere?), STD (Standard Trunk Dialling) codes used to be what we called our area codes for phones. I'm not sure whether it's still used or not, but it always struck me as quite funny. Possibly they may have realised the double meaning and changed the acronym.

I always thought it would be quite nice to dial 01603 for syphilis.