Monday, December 20, 2004

My weekend through the alphabet

Afternoon nap. What I took after the Eagles game.
Bloody Marys. What I started drinking at 10:30am yesterday.
Coors Light. What I drank Saturday on special.
Dad. The only person I still need to buy a Christmas present for.
Edgerrin James. Put me into my fantasy football super bowl with his touchdown.
Four Seasons. Where the Christmas party for my dad’s company was held (I’m the “computer guy”)
Guidelines and Rules of Play. The document I wrote for my new poker business.
Highlight of the weekend: Seeing the logo my brother created for the business.
Ice cold. What it was this morning.
Jumped for Joy. What I did when I found out we don’t need to drive to Virginia on Christmas.
Kevin. My brother we hung out with not in on the poker business.
Last letter I actually filled out on this list.
Miller Light. What followed the bloody marys.
Nothing. What I’ve done since I got in this morning.
One thirty two. My pathetic 5 game bowling average.
Playboy. Subscription I started receiving this weekend. (TITSO said the deal was too good to pass up!)
Quickly. How the equipment I ordered for my business better get here.
River Dogs Poker. My business’ name.
Snow. First of the year last night.
Two hours of Christmas shopping.
Underwear with 5 holes in it. What I finally threw out last night.
Vacations. What I looked for on the internet for early next year.
Wiper blade. Fell of my car because of ice this morning.
X-ray, came up negative for T.O.’s injury.
Yesterday the Eagles became the only team to ever sweep the NFC East.
Zero times I played poker.


Alekx said...

Great list.
I wish my weekend were that action packed. The only letter I have for my weekend is B for Boring
Oh and J for jewelry, as I signed a new jeweler to my business yesterday. Yayyyyyyyy team.

The Pink Kitty said...

M = Miller Light and not Miller High Life? I thought we were in this together Tim! Now I'm sad ;)

Tim said...

sorry if you've misunderstood, but I'm an ML man. We'll always have ANTM though...

The Pink Kitty said...

At least it still comes from that wonderful company called Miller! I want to be a miller girl. It's my life's ambition