Thursday, December 23, 2004

Napoleon Dynamite

I haven't gotten so much pleasure out of a movie with so little plot since Naughty Cheerleaders 14. Although I guess it wasn't so much that Naughty Cheerleaders 14 didn't have a plot, I just kind of thought they needed to spice it up a little more. The series was taking a turn for the bad. Here's how that series went if I remember correctly:

Naughty Cheerleaders 1: Tackling the Football Team
Naughty Cheerleaders 2: Stroking the Swim Team
NC 3: Down Low with the Basketball Team
NC 4: Four Balls and Two Bats with the Baseball Team
NC 5: The Lacrosse Team Has Big Sticks
NC 6: Swinging with the Golf Team
NC 7: A Backhand from the Tennis Team
NC 8: Big Horns with the Band
NC 9: Check Your Mate with the Chess Team
NC 10: Oral Pleasures with the Debate team
NC 11: Glee with the Glee Club
NC 12: Experimenting with the Science Club
NC 13: Muy Caliente with the Spanish Club
NC 14: Reformatting the Computer Club's Hard Drive

As you see it all makes sense up until NC 14. Everyone knows computer geeks don't get chicks.


The Pink Kitty said...

And I was going to say that I liked #14 the best because of the sheer irony of it.

The Pink Kitty said...

Okay Tim, so I just spent some time harassing MJW and he still won't tell me. However, he states that he still believes that you could be more cheerful which leads me to believe that you ARE crying over there! so HAH! ;)
Happy Holidays to you and TITSO!

Tim said...

yeah, he keeps telling me that. He's a pain in the ass. HH to you and the Boy as well.

filmgoerjuan said...

Oh please.

Naughty Cheerleaders #9 was the point at which the series "jumped the shark" (which isn't a porn film term, but really it should be, shouldn't it?).

Chess geeks getting the chicks? Yeah right. That's like using the Nimzowitsch Defence when you've already lost both your bishops! IT'S IMPOSSIBLE!

Uh...not that I was a chess geek who didn't get the chicks! I had plenty of chicks, thank you very much. Plenty of them. Yes indeedy.

*looks to see if anyone's buying this line*

is it just me? said...

Sssshhh...I want to see this!
Happy Holidays Mr. Spatula!


Alekx said...

Hmmm thinking it might be fun to be a naughty cheerleader..anyone up for a #15 movie...

Just my little way of saying happy holidays.

is it just me? said...

Just rented this. Loved it. I must buy it.

Tim said...

watched it twice in a 12 hour period. Upset that santa didn't bring it.

NC 15: Going Down with the SCUBA club

Michel Johansen said...

I think it makes sense. "reformatting" . . . "hard-drive"?

seems clear to Michel!

It's no "Carnie Christmas" . . .