Tuesday, December 14, 2004

A dream I had last night that might make me an unintentional stalker

I'll first tell the dream, then give my analysis:

I'm very bad at remembering full dreams. I pretty much remember them in bits and pieces. What I remember is I was in a plane skydiving. And I was skydiving with people who's blogs I read. I remember cate and dominique were there. I know there were others there too, but I can't say for sure who. Partially because I have no idea what anyone look like. Not that I know what cate looks like though (dominique has a picture or two,s o I have a basic idea of her). All I remember is flying over a city and knowing we needed to jump out of the plane asap in order to land back where I needed to be. I have no idea what city it was or why we were skydiving over a city. I remember jumping, opening the shoot and landing, then needing to go get drunk, but not much of the details of all of it.

My analysis: I was in a plane earlier that day thinking about how scared out of my mind I would be to skydive, even though I've done it before. So, thats what prompted the skydiving part. Why blogger friends were with me is probably because when I got home, TITSO wasn't home, so the first thing I did was go on my blog and catch up on a few other blogs. I pathetically missed blogging while I was gone. Why I only remember cate and dominique? Probably because 'nique is currently flying somewhere and has said she'd love to skydive. Why cate, I don't know, I guess because her blog was the first I really started to read. Why did I need to get drunk? because yesterday was my first day not drinking in 5 days. I feel like I need therapy for having a dream about blogging and people I've never met before. I know I need therapy for a laundry list of other things, I guess this is just something else to check off. If I ever decide to end it all because of my patheticness, I've decided I will do it by swallowing my cell phone. So if you ever hear of someone dying that way, think of me.


The Pink Kitty said...

When you swallow it, can I call you a bunch so your tummy keeps ringing and ringing? What ring tone will you set it to beforehand because I don't think you'd be getting it back in any timely manner

Tim said...

maybe just vibrate. That might act like a defribulator and bring me back to life. Either vibrate or Price's "Get Off".

C-8 said...

ahhh, Tim, it's so good to have you back from vacation -
I would skydive with you any day... I mean, unless there was something really good on tv or I had better plans... and you don't have to pretend that I was just in your dream because mine was the first blog you liked, just admit it, your love for me burns with the intensity of a thousand suns - we all know anyway

and I'm a pathetic blog whore, too - I even check them on the weekends when no one updates

Alekx said...

Ha at least you didn't dream of Scuba Diving with me since I don't recall if I've ever posted on your blog before, so you probably have no idea who I am. That dream woulda been scary indead. :-)
Anyway hope you don't mind me lurking in the shadows, or the depths in my case vultuing your site for giggles and grins.

Tim said...

lurk all you want. You did post once before... you said you spoke in alekxenese on my blogging is bo cool post... I thought that was very funny.