Tuesday, December 28, 2004


I mean no disrespect, but I don't get it. It seems to me that 75% of people that link to other blogs, link to Dooce. I've gone there a handful of times and don't see the attraction. Is it a chick thing that I don't understand? Was Dooce the inventor of blogs or something? What am I missing?


C-8 said...

Let's go with - it's a chick thing - she's funny as hell and she obsesses about things that we all obsess about, things like being a bad parent, and pooping...

I was just thinking the other day that when I see the Dooce linked on some girl's blog, that I'm going to like her blog - to me, the Dooce is sort of the secret handshake of the blog world - if you know the Dooce, you're cool with me.

Tim said...

hmm, interesting. I think there needs to be a Doodes or something for guys.

nique said...

she is awesome. she is down to earth, hilarious and talks about shitting and farting! it is awesome! it is also fun to see her pictures. you guys do need a doodes! hahaha! it just might be you tim!

Paul said...

Tim, we should write the "Doodes", except that I already waste too much time on the internet.

How to Charm me.

Tell me you like porn and want to star in some of your own.

Say you like making dinner and don't mind doing the dishes.

Buy nudie magazines and try to look like the models.

Pretty sexist though, if you ask me.

Tim said...

how to annoy me:

Tell me you don't like porn and don't want to star in some of your own.

Say you don't like making dinner and do mind doing the dishes.

Not buying nudie magazines to try look like the models.

Michel Johansen said...

hey guys, if you need someone to talk about shitting and farting, i could.

let me know!

Martin said...