Friday, December 03, 2004

Dead serious question I want answered!

This summer TITSO and I went to a B&B down the shore. There was a water tower a few blocks away from where we stayed.

Me: "Why are water towers always so high off the ground?"
TITSO: "I don't know."

A few weeks later I asked some guys I was golfing with.

Me: "Why are water towers always so high off the ground?"
Golfer guy: "Because it creates water pressure."
Me: "Oh, ok, cool"

Fast forward to 3 months later (yesterday).

Me: "Remember when we talked about water towers over the summer?"
TITSO: "Barely."
Me: "Well I heard they're so far off the ground because of water pressure."
TITSO: "So how does the water get up there? Don't they need to create pressure to get it up there in the first place? I don't see the point in that."
Me: "Dammit, you're right."

Anyone know why water towers are so high off the ground? I'd rather ask you than look it up on the internet.

P.S. Three posts in one day is a record. (Besides the starburst porn that I posted in a series since I didn't know how to put all the pictures in one post.)


C-8 said...

my official job title is research specialist - i was compelled to look this up - here is what i found

so there

Tim said...

could someone please read that and summarize for me... in shorthand.

Paul said...

It says each water tower is filled by another water tower that's just marginally taller than the one it fills. God fills the tallest one.

nique said...

"A water tower is an incredibly simple device" --- yeah? Then why the hell is the explanation incomprehensible? And can we say redundant? The word "pressure" was used so freakin often that I've developed just that in my cranial region!

Anonymous said...

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