Friday, December 03, 2004


I just wrote about a 15 page post, but deleted it because I know no one likes to read posts that are too long, so I'll summarize it for you.

Getting kneed in the nuts. Not good.
Beetlejuice. Great.
Lizards that can walk on water. Awesome
Big Buildings. Eh, OK
War and Peace. Long
Groundhogs. Overrated.
Wart Hogs. Bad ass.
The letter Q. Too dependant.

Editor's note:
Wart Hogs. Have Hulk Hogan hair.


nique said...

f-n hilarious. i always laugh when i come to your ever so clever blog!

The Pink Kitty said...

I like the letter Q. But it is dependent, in Scrabble, it always needs a U or something to go with it.

Tim said...

BIG TIME! Except qat. Did you know that's a word? I learned that from Scrabble. I should write a book called "What I Learned From Scrabble" Chapter one would be about qat. There would be no chapter 2. Because thats all I learned from scrabble.

Steimes said...

I've learned that my firends are very gullable from scrabble, I've made up more words than I have a right too. I'm also guilty of flipping the letters upside down to make my own "free" spaces.

Paul said...

QIVIET and QAID are words. JO and XI and XU are words too. BIG and NERD are also words.

The post about kicking someone in the groin has a title, "You can't make an omelette without breaking the eggs", which is true I suppose, but why is kicking someone's ass synonymous with making an omelette?

"That guy just disrespected you, I think we should go make him an omelette!"

"Jim was happy that his girlfriend was so eager to make him an omelette. Jim wasn't so happy 30 seconds later."