Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Unoriginal Bastards

This is Malaysia's flag:

Freakin copycats.

Yes, I am struggling to do work before my vacation.


nique said...

I've had vacation brain ever since I planned our vacation...yo 3 months ago! Damn-it!
I also don't really appreciate working when I could be sleeping or happily doing nothing in location not known as my office.

Tim said...

was that a typo, or did you just say "yo 3 months ago"??

nique said...

what is wrong wit a lil ghetto verbiage? hmmm?

tank said...

Don't let me die!! I posted already! Ok, ok, so I admit, I'd be ok with dying, but I wanted to feel emotionally healthy for once. Thanks for indulging me.

Tim said...




Michel Johansen said...

I have not had good experiences with malasians! There's this kid in my class who is one of them, and I am pretty sure he stole my Lilo and Stitch Colored Pencil Set!

I just have to prove it, without looking like a racist.

tuuli said...

Michel you have Lilo & Stitch colored pencil set and retro lunch box? Just checking. Yep that might be difficult without seeming a racist.

tuuli said...

blaa blaa blaa, looking like a racist, was my point. I'm off to bed.