Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Today after lunch we're doing a "cookie swap" here at work. Organized by your's truely's own TITSO. Being that she's running it she felt the need to make 16 dozen cookies. Literally. We spent about 6 hours on Monday, then she spent about 6 more last night while I went out and played poker. (thats why I love her) "My" cookie to swap is the Stained Glass Cookies. They look really neat and sound good, but don't let the name fool you. All it tastes like is a big friggen life saver. Worst cookie ever. Everyone's gonna make fun of me. I'll be know as the guy in the office who makes bad cookies. I'll be an outcast. Stupid cookies.


The Pink Kitty said...

I wish we did a cookie swap. I would have made some yummy cookies. Maybe you can trade all your cookies for better ones. And you're a guy, people expect guys to be bad at baking

Alekx said...

Or eat the first cookie and make like it's the best thing you've ever eaten, then if anyone comments on them not tasting so good...look at em like "Dude!! What's your problem..maybe you just got a bad cookie...swap me for another one..I'm sure the next one will taste as good as mine does."
Does this make me an evil cookie monster?