Monday, December 06, 2004

My blog: Reviewed

Today Keith over at Ironpants shared an article someone wrote about his blog. I know at some point my blog will get to a point of being reviewed, so I figured I'd save the reviwer some time. I simply took the review of Ironpants, changed a few words and made it my own. Future reviewer: you're welcome!

I love a funny read, so I was looking forward to reviewing a blog in the humor category. The name "Chloraphil? More like Bor-a-phil?!?" concerned me, though, as I wondered if this was another "wanna be" frustrated comedian's site full of potty humor. Chlorophil, however, is in no way shape or form, humor.

Tim is a single programmer in his late 20's who lives and works in Philadelphia, PA. The reader has several opportunities to get to know Tim. In fact, the entire blog is an insight into his personality. Readers can access the "Starburst Porn" as well as a list of "Other stuff no one cares about" with simple clicks on the Archives button, then just looking through crap since nothing is in any kind of order.

Tim loves his ass. He touches it quite frequently and is kind enough to tell everyone about it. There the reader will find themselves becoming uncomfortable and not sure if they should keep reading. I don't know if he actually likes his ass as much as he claims, but they are definitely buns I wish I had! My favorite blog entry is entitledGo Away” posted on Nov 19th. I won't ruin the suspense for you. You should honestly just go away and not bother reading it.

I could do without the daily postings, because quite honestly they smack of boredom. This is a new "feature" for Tim and perhaps he'll drop it soon. He doesn't need to try to resort to this to be funny. Another feature I like quite a bit is Tim’s “low self-esteem.” In these posts the writer breaks down his insecurities for you with tidbits such as "am I hot?" or "Do I have a nice ass?” etc.

The blog itself is hosted on Blogger, but the template is in no way customized. The sidebar does not include links to the featured posts mentioned above, as well as the archives. I did find it a bit confusing in that the archives start at October 2004. No one really cares about what happened to Tim 2 months ago. Perhaps this was done intentionally to prevent the reader from reading his newer, even less interesting thoughts, and if so is uneccessary. The pictures in the sidebar are GREAT! I especially love the traffic pattern pictures. It's refreshing to read a blogger who is not dedicated to his penis. My only complaint is that the grammatical errors that appear sporadically throughout are a bit irritating. Tim is a programmerr afterall, he should know better.

Overall, Chloraphil is a blog that contains many posts that will help me fall asleep at night. The posts aren’t unique and the reoccuring features aren’t worth coming back for. While not any of the posts are "laugh out loud, spit milk through the nose" funny, this blog is definitely one which you should click ‘next blog’ on when you stumble across it.


nique said...

tee hee hee Your blog review was right on! I mean I feel you really caputured your blog's essetial points and personality. Well done.

; ) Humorous review Tim, really! I'm still smiling.


good times.

The Pink Kitty said...

Hmm... I think this reviewer is on crack... your blog, not funny? So not true! I shoot beverages out of my nose every time I read it! However, the reviewer is right on the money in terms of your ass ;)

Martin said...

Good stuff!