Thursday, December 02, 2004


Wellkay, (<-- new word, well+okay) I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m an ass man. And by ass man, I mean, I really like my ass. Man. While the typical man sits in front of the TV in the Al Bundy pose of the hands down the front of the pants, you can probably catch me with my hands down the back of my pants at any given time. At times I actually double dip with one down the front and one in the back.

I realized this last night. I got home from the gym and was walking up to my room to grab a change of clothes and noticed I had both hands on my ass as I walked up the stairs. Then in a Sixth Sense type flashback, my life ran through my mind in a matter of seconds and I had my hands on my ass in every memory.

Later I was making my healthy dinner of French toast and found myself unconsciously smacking my ass with the spatula. I couldn’t help it.

If I ever put a real picture of myself on this site it would probably just be a close up of my ass.

Does this make me weird?


nique said...

smacking your ass with the spatula! ? that is freaking funny! simply precious mr. tim. simply precious.

i tend to have my hands on my hiney often too. my favorite place to have my hands though is on my man's hiney.

OOOH!!! (left field) Salisbury Hill just came on by Peter Gabriel! I love this song!!!!!

Tim said...

yeah, same here... when they're not on my own ass, they're on TITSO's.

I'm very thankful for Cate's new blog. Asses need a non pornographic tribute page.

Trish said...

Since you've visted us at The Ass Chronicles, I'm sure you've learned that there are lots of us... well, okay, FOUR of us... who also obsess over our own asses. Welcome to the club, weirdo ;)

The Pink Kitty said...

You are too funny! Now I have to explain why I was laughing so hard. I'm with Dominique, I prefer my hand on The Boy's ass cos I like his better than mine. I guess I'm a boob girl? But I can't really walk around with my hands on them... well I could but I don't think it's a good idea. I might invite too many perverts

Martin said...

You spank yourself ..

.. on the ass ..

.. with a spatula?

Uh huh, right, sure.

You scare me.


Tim said...

don't knock it till you try it.

You're gonna go try it, aren't you? sicko.

nique said...

If i spank myself on the ass with silverware, does that make me a sick-o?

Tim said...

ummmm... yep! sick bastard.

is it just me? said...'s a little David Hasselhoff...but I appreciate a guy that admits he likes his ass and most importantly has French toast for dinner! I think you should bring your Titso in on the spatula action though...Yes, we have several spunky asses over at the daily chronicle.