Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Bam Bam and Pebbles

Last night I was on Drunken Stepfather and saw that a radio station in Philly had an interview with MTV’s 2nd most annoying personality’s ex girlfriend. In that interview she claimed that Bam had cheated on her between 25 and 50 times. And all us celebrity sex tape loving people know that he put out a sex tape with her. Neither of these come as a surprise, but what was surprising was that she said Bam banged Jessica Simpson. I don’t believe this for three reasons. First, she’s happily married. Second, if she were banging anyone it would be Johnny Knoxville. Third, any normal guy that sleeps with Jessica Simpson, has a penis, two legs, and a mouth, would totally go Tom Cruise. I’d go door to door from the Jersey shore to the OC, asking people if I could jump up and down on their sofa and scream about how great life is. So, unless Bam knocks on my door, his ex is just jealous. Don’t be jealous Napoleon.

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