Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Everytime I Push Publish an Angel Gets it’s Wings

Every single post I write as soon as I push the publish button I go and reread it. Then I say to myself, “Boy, this one was so stupid. Why do I even bother to write this crap and why do people even post comments? This is going to be one of the ones no one comments on. Man, I need to start thinking of a new post right now so people can read my new post and not have to bother commenting on this one because it’s so stupid. Crap, what can I write about that’s funny? Hmm, maybe I could write about (insert boring topic here). Maybe that would be funny. No, that would be stupid. God I hate blogging. This sucks. Hmm, I wonder if anyone commented on this piece of shit yet. Let me refresh. Nope. Damn, this one sucks. Everyone hates me. Come on Tim, think of something good. Dammit, I need to go cry. Oh wait, someone commented. They love me. They really love me.”

Every. Single. Time.

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